Fresh Vegetables 

Fresh Vegetables Exporter, Supplier from India

India grows the largest number of vegetables from temperate to humid tropics and from sea-level to snowline, Vegetables are excellent source of vitamins, particularly niacin, riboflavin, Thiamin and vitamins A and C. They also supply minerals such as calcium and iron besides proteins and carbohydrates. Vegetables combat under nourishment and are known to be cheapest source of natural protective tools. Most of the vegetables, being short duration crops, fit very well in the intensive cropping system and are capable of giving very high yields and very high economic returns to the growers.Major vegetables grown in India are Potato, Onion, Tomato, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bean, Egg Plants, Cucumber and Garkin, Frozen Peas, Garlic and okra.

Fresh & Dried Vegetables Exporter, Supplier from India- A-1 Overseas

 Fresh Vegetables Exported & Supplied by A-1 Overseas:

Subhead:   -  FRESH ONIONS

7031010  -  Onions, Fresh/Chilled



7011000  -  Potato Seeds, Fresh/Chilled

7019000  -  Potatoes Other Than Seed, Fresh/Chilled

7020000  -  Tomatoes, Fresh/Chilled

7031020  -  Shallots, Fresh/Chilled

7032000  -  Garlics, Fresh/Chilled

7039000  -  Leeks & Other Alliaceous Vegetables, Fresh/Chilled

7041000  -  Cauliflowers & Headed Broccoli, Fresh/Chilled

7042000  -  Brussels Sprouts, Fresh/Chilled

7049000  -  Kohrbi,Kale&Smlr Edbl Brassicas,Frsh/Chld

7051100  -  Cabbage Lettuce (Head Lettuce), Fresh/Chilled

7051900  -  Other Lettuce, Fresh/Chilled

7052100  -  Witloof Chicory (Cichorium Intybus Var. Foliosum), Fresh/Chilled

7052900  -  Other Chicory Frsh Or Chld

7061000  -  Carrots & Turnips, Fresh/Chilled

7069010  -  Horse Radish, Fresh/Chilled

7069020  -  Other Radish, Fresh/Chilled

7069030  -  Salad Beetroot Fresh Or Chilled

7069090  -  Other Roots Fresh Or Chilled

7070000  -  Cucumbers & Gherkins, Fresh/Chilled

7081000  -  Peas (Pisum Sativum), Shelled/Unshelled, Fresh/Chilled

7082000  -  Beans (Vigna Spp., Phaseolus Spp.), Shelled/Unshelled, Fresh/Chilled

7089000  -  Other Leguminous Vegetables Shelled/Unshelled, Fresh/Chilled

7092000  -  Asparagus, Fresh/Chilled

7093000  -  Aubergines (Egg-Plants), Fresh/Chilled

7094000  -  Celery Other Than Celeraic Fresh/Chilled

7095100  -  Mushrooms Of The Genus Agaricus, Fresh/Chilled

7095900  -  Other Truffles Fresh Or Chilled

7096010  -  Green Chilly Fresh/Chilled

7096090  -  Other Fruits Of The Genus Capsicum Or Pimenta

7097000  -  Spinach Fresh/Chilled

7099100  -  Globe Artichokes, Fresh/Chilled

7099200  -  Olives Fresh/Chilled

7099300  -  Pumpkins, Squash And Gourds (Cucurbita Spp.)

7099910  -  Green Pepper

7099920  -  Mixed Vegetables

7099990  -  Other Vegetables Fresh Or Chilled

7141000  -  Manioc (Cassava)

7142000  -  Sweet Potatoes

7149010  -  Sago Pith

7149090  -  Other Edible Roots And Tubers With High Starch

8031010  -  Plantain (Curry Banana) Fresh/Chilled

Major Varieties of Indian Vegetables:

The major varieties under different vegetables products are as follows Potato (Kufri Sindhuri, Kufri Chandramukhi, Kufri Badshah, Kufri Bahar), Tomato (Vaishali, Rupali, Rashmi, Rajni, Pusa Ruby),Cauliflower(Pusa Deepali, Early Kunwari, Punjab Giant-26, Pant Shubhra, Dania Kalimpong), Cabbage (Golden Acre, Pusa Mukta, Pusa Drumhead, K-1), Peas (Asauji, Lucknow Boniya, Alaska, Bonneville, T-19), Okra (Pusa Makhmali, Punjab Padmini, Pusa Sawani, Parbhani Kranti, Arka Anamika).

Fresh & Dried Vegetables Exporter, Supplier from India- A-1 Overseas

Fresh  Vegetables Exporter, Supplier from India- A-1 Overseas