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What is Sugar Cane BlackStrap Molasses?

Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses is a natural, viscous, dark and sugar-rich by-product and nutritious sweetener extracted from sugar cane during the production of refined sugar. With a distinct and rich flavor, molasses can serve as a cost-effective substitute for highly-refined sugar and other nonnutritive syrups. Over a long history, molasses has been used as a health supplement for its natural combination of sweetness, vitamins, and antioxidant properties.

Specifications of Sugar Cane Molasses Supplied, Exported by A-1 OVERSEAS-

Specifications of Indian Sugar Cane Molasses-

Parameters of Analysis of Indian Sugar Cane Molasses-

Physical and Chemical properties of Sugar Cane Molasses- 

Physical and Chemical properties of India Sugar Cane Molasses- 

these above-mentioned are the usually observed parameters of specifications of Sugar Cane Molasses. We can supply the Sugar Cane Molasses as per customized demand from the clients subject to the conditions, and availability.

Sugar Cane Molasses MSDS by A-1 OVERSEAS

Sugar Cane Molasses MSDS by A-1 OVERSEAS.pdf

Approximate Composition of Sugar Cane Molasses

Approximate Compostions of Sugar Cane Molasses.pdf

Sugar Cane Molasses - General Compositions

Specifications of Sugarcane-Molasses-Feed-Grade, Origin-Brazil, by A-1 OVERSEAS

Specifications of Sugarcane-Molasses-Feed-Grade, Origin-Brazil, Supplied, Exported by A-1 OVERSEAS

Sugarcane Molasses Grades & Standards USDA Supplied, Exported by A-1 Overseas

Detailed standards, Inspection Instructions & Other Resources:

Characteristics of Sugar Cane Molasses-

The characteristics of molasses is very variable, depending on the efficiency of exhaustion in the factory (which affects the sucrose content), the area and time of year of harvest (which dictate the nonsucrose components) and the conditions in the factory that have resulted in the elimination or the generation of nonsucrose components. By comparison with beet, cane has a higher reducing sugar content and a lower sucrose content.

What is Invert Sugar / Invert Sugar Syrup?

Why it's called Invert Sugar / Invert Sugar Syrup?

In layman's language, it can be stated that the invert sugar is nothing but a mixture of granulated table sugar and water.

Let's understand the reason behind the name Invert Sugar pointwise-

Fructose is a Levorotatory substance.

Glucose is a Dextrorotatory substance.

Product name: Sugarcane Molasses, Blackstrap Molasses

Packaging: Plastic Cans, Drums, Flexi bag, or as per Buyer's request.

Molasses is the byproduct or “waste” from processing sugar cane into unhealthful table sugar. Refined table sugar creates blood sugar and insulin instability while providing no nutrients. It actually robs nutrients, especially minerals, out of the body if consumed enough.  Once sugar canes are harvested and machines are used to press the juice out of the cane. The sugar cane roots go very deeply into the soil, commonly 15 feet down and ranging from 6.5 to 19 feet – deep enough to bypass nutrient-depleted topsoil that have become the norm and take in more nutrients. That juice is boiled then put through centrifugal machinery to extract the sugar crystals from the liquid. 

There are three grades of molasses: 

Sugar Cane Molasses Manufacturing Process

Sugar Cane Molasses Manufacturing Process

Why do clients like to purchase Sugar Cane Molasses supplied, exported by A-1 Overseas?

What are the benefits of Sugar Cane Molasses / Blackstrap Molasses supplied, exported by A-1 Overseas?

Health of Bones-

Molasses is a wonderful supply of iron, selenium, and copper, all of that facilitate to keep up healthy bones. The sirup additionally contains some Ca, which plays a vital role in bone health and in preventing pathology.

However, different healthy food sources of those minerals ar wide obtainable. These embody around the bend, seeds, and dairy farm products. folks shouldn't have confidence syrup as a supply of those nutrients.

Heart health

Molasses may be a revered supply of metal, that promotes healthy vital sign and helps maintain vas health.

Although researchers haven't studied the results of syrup on the human heart, studies in animals show that supplementing with a diet with syrup might facilitate increase HDL (HDL), or "good" cholesterin levels. Healthy cholesterol levels will forestall cardiovascular disease and stroke.

However, there's no proof to recommend that syrup can have similar advantages to humans.

Blood sugar

People who are poorly controlled by glucose ought to cut back their intake of all sugars, as well as syrup. That said, the syrup will facilitate boost glucose levels in healthy adults with a high carb diet.

One study found that ingestion a diet high in carbs containing carbs light-emitting diode to lower glucose and internal secretion levels than simply ingestion them.

That is to mention, the syrup has a similar quantity of glycemic index in an exceedingly specific sugar. The glycemic index measures however special dietary foods quickly raise glucose levels.

People with the polygenic disorder will like employing a low-calorie liquid, like stevia or erythritol.


According to analysis, blackstrap syrup contains additional antioxidants than honey and different natural sweeteners, as well as syrup and nectar. Studies additionally show that these antioxidants might facilitate shield cells from the aerophilous stress related to cancer and different diseases.

It also contains nutrients that give health advantages. It additionally contains additional antioxidants than different common sweeteners.


Supplier, Exporter of Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses (Sheera  Kakavi  Raab  Jaggery Sypur), manufactured in Asian, European, American, Australian Countries

What are different types of Sugar Cane Molasses / Black Strap Molasses, supplied, exported by A-1 Overseas?

Different types of molasses vary in color, consistency, taste, and sugar content.

Light molasses

This is a syrup produced by the first sweat. It has the simplest color and the most delicious taste. People often use it for baking.

Black molasses

This is produced by the second sweat. It is large, dark, and not sugary. People can use it for baking, but it lends itself to eating different colors and flavors.

Blackstrap molasses

This syrup is produced by a third boiling. It is a very large and very dark type of molasses and often has a bitter taste.

Blackstrap molasses is also a very concentrated method, and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. For this reason, some sources say that it has many health benefits.

Molasses not added with sulfur

Molasses labeled "sulfured" contain additional sulfur dioxide, which acts as a barrier, preventing molasses from being damaged. The varieties used are usually more palatable than the non-aqueous varieties.

Other types- 

Manufacturers can also make molasses with sorghum, pomegranate, carob and dates. Moreover, there are several types of molasses, including light, dark, and blackstrap. Each has different structures.

Sugar Cane Molasses Process and products

Sugarcane sugar is obtained by successive evaporation, crystallization and centrifugation. Both the sugar extraction process and the sugar refining process produce molasses, and each step of these processes releases certain types of molasses. Pérez, 1995 described the different molasses as follows:

High-density mixed molasses

is produced with unrefined sugarcane juice. Concentrated from unadulterated sugarcane juice, heavy cuts and deposits on the skin lead to frequent disruption of mills, and, therefore, increase the cost of industrial repairs.

High test molasses 

is basically the same as high test molasses. However, it does not present as many problems in production as high-grade molasses does.

A Molasses (first molasses) 

is a medium product derived from the production of the first sugar (sugar), from the first use in a sugar factory. Molasses contains 80-85% DM. If it must be stored, it must be modified to prevent crystallization.

B molasses (second molasses). 

It has a DM-like content similar to A molasses but contains less sugar and does not glow automatically.

C molasses (final molasses, blackstrap molasses, treacle) 

is the only processing product in the sugar factory. It contains a large amount of sucrose (about 32 to 42%). C molasses does not lighten and can be obtained in liquid or dried form as a commercial feed ingredient.

Syrup-off (alcohol-off, jett)

 is the only product from the centrifugation of the final prepared masecuite in a raw sugar filter. Usually, the syrup-off is sent to the raw sugar part of the refinery and processed to obtain more sucrose. Due to its high sucrose content (90-92% DM), it is a good source of monogastrics but can be an expensive ingredient.

Refinery final molasses 

is the result of the extraction of pure sugar. It has exactly the same composition as C molasses produced in the raw sugar industry and stored in the same tanks.

In some lands, the juice is extracted from a simple animal or a machine, and it is boiled in open containers. In this traditional process, pan sugar (uncovered) is produced and the molasses from that product is called "melote". Contains only 50% DMs.

Supplier, Exporter of Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses (Sheera  Kakavi  Raab  Jaggery Sypur), manufactured in Asian, European, American, Australian Countries


Nutrition values of Sugar Cane Molasses, Blackstrap Molasses

Unlike refined sugar, molasses contains certain vitamins and minerals (1).

One tablespoon - 20 grams (g) - of molasses contains the subsequent amounts of your daily values for every ingredient:

One tablespoon also contains 58 calories, all of which are derived from carbs - mainly sugar.

In addition to containing vitamins and minerals, molasses is extremely high in sugar. Too much sugar, are often very dangerous to your health.

Excessive sugar intake has been linked to some of the world's major health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Nutritionists do not recommend that people start eating nutritious molasses because their sugar content is too high. The best way to get rid of these nutrients is to eat whole foods.

However, if you are going to eat sugar anyway, molasses may be another healthy alternative.

Molasses contains several nutrients and is high enough in minerals. However, it is not a very healthy source of these nutrients because it contains a lot of sugar.

Supplier, Exporter of Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses (Sheera  Kakavi  Raab  Jaggery Sypur), manufactured in Asian, European, American, Australian Countries

Applications of Sugar Cane Molasses, Blackstrap Molasses supplied, exported by A-1 Overseas-

Molasses is used generally for:

Industrial applications:

Farming, Horticultural:

Food Applications, Food Industry, Food Sector:

Food Applications: Examples


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