High Quality Kraft Paper (all types) Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

We proudly supply, export highly qualitative Natural Kraft Paper, Fluting Medium Paper, Test Liner, Golden Yellow Kraft Paper, Kraft Paper Board, Abrasive Paper, Carry Bag Paper, Coated Paper and similar paper manufactured by advanced techniques. We are loyal to the quality and deliver the exact material sought by the client at domestic / international level.

We can give you the desired, expected & customized RCT (CD), BF (Bursting Factor), GSM, Size, Color Shade, Density, Breaking Length (MD), COBB 60 (TOB/BACK), Burst Strength (BS), Moisture (%), Grade, etc. for your product ordered from us.

Kraft Papers types-High Quality Kraft Paper (all types) Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India- A-1 Overseas

We are passionate supplier, exporter of the following types of Kraft Paper.

1. Natural Kraft Paper

2. Packaging Kraft Paper Kraft Paper

3. Roll Brown Kraft Paper

4. Steel Interleaving Kraft Paper

5. Sack Kraft Paper

6. Silver Laminated Kraft Paper

7. Insulating Kraft Paper

8. Mg Kraft Paper

9. Laminated Kraft Paper

10. Poly Coated Kraft Paper

11. Kraft Liner Paper

12. Bleached Kraft Paper

13. Ribbed Kraft Paper

14. Golden Kraft Paper

15. Virgin Kraft Paper

16. Recycled Kraft Paper

17. Silicone Paper Plain Kraft Paper

18. Fluting Medium Paper

19. Test Liner

20. Golden Yellow

21. Paper Board

22. Abrasive Paper

23. Carry Bag Paper

24. Coated Paper

Our ranges of few technical features are as under-

BF - 14 to 28

GSM - 100 to 200

Decal Size - 218 cm