Exporter & Supplier of Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds and Fruit; Industrial or Medicinal Plants; Straw & Fodder, in India 

[Season 2022-2023 Production Available]

Chapter 12: Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds and Fruit; Industrial or Medicinal Plants; Straw and Fodder ITC HS Code Classification


1201 soybeans , whether Or Not Broken

120100 Soya Beans(whether Or Not Broken)

1202 peanuts (Ground - Nuts), Raw

120210 Ground-nuts (In Shell; Not Roasted or Otherwise Cooked)

120220 Ground-nuts (Shelled; Not Roasted or Otherwise Cooked)

1203 Copra

120300 Copra

1204 flaxseed (Linseed), whether Or Not Broken

120400 Linseed (whether Or Not Broken)

1205 rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken

120500 Rape or Colza Seeds (Whether or Not Broken )

1206 Sunflower Seeds, whether Or Not Broken

120600 Sunflower Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

1207 oil seeds & oleaginous fruits nesoi, broken or not

120710 Palm Nuts And Kernels(whether Or Not Broken)

120720 Cotton Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

120730 Castor Oil Seeds (Whether or Not Broken)

120740 Sesame Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

120750 Mustard Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

120760 Safflower Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

120791 Poppy Seeds(whether Or Not Broken)

120792 Shea Nuts (Karite Nuts, Whether or Not Broken)

120799 Other Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits (Whether or Not Broken)

1208 flour & meal of oil seed & olea fruit (no mustard)

120810 Flours and Meal of Soya Beans

120890 Flours and Meal of Other Oil Seeds or Oleaginous Fruit

1209 seeds, fruit and spores, for sowing

120911 Sugar Beet Seed (Beet Seed)

120919 Other Beet Seed

120921 Lucerne (Alfalfa) Seed

120922 Clover (Trifolium Spp.) Seed

120923 Fescue Seed

120924 Kentucky Blue Grass (Poa Pratensis L.) Seed

120925 Rye Grass Seed

120926 Timothy Grass Seed

120929 Other Seeds of Forage Plants

120930 Seeds of Herbaceous Plants Cultivated Principally for Their Flowers

120991 Vegetable Seeds of a Kind Used for Sowing

120999 Other Seeds, Fruit and Spores of a Kind Used for Sowing

1210 Hop cones, fresh Or Dried, lupulin

121010 Hop Cones (Fresh or Dried; Excluding Ground,Powdered,Form of Pellets)121020 : Hop Cones (Fresh or Dried; Ground, Powdered, Form of Pellets),Lupulin

1211 plants etc for pharmacy, perfume , insecticides etc

121110 Liquorice Roots(fresh Or Dried)

121120 Ginseng Roots(fresh Or Dried)

121190 Other Plants of a Kind Use for Perfumery, Pharmacy,Insecticidal Purpose (Fresh or Dried)

1212 locust beans, seaweed, s beet & cane: fruit pits etc.

121210 Locust Beans (Including Locust Bean Seeds)

121220 Seaweeds and Other Algae

121230 Apricot, Peach or Plum Stones and Kernels

121291 Sugar Beet

121292 Sugar Cane

121299 Other Vegetable Products (Chicory Roots, Tuber of Koyaku Etc)

1213 Cereal straw & husks unprep w/n chop etc or pellet

121300 Cereal Straw And Husks(Unprepared)

1214 rutabagas, hay, clover & other forage products

121410 Lucerne (Alfalfa) Meal and Pellets

121490 Swedes, Mangolds, Fodder Roots, Hay, Clover, Other Forage Products

Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds and Fruit; Industrial or Medicinal Plants; Straw-1

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